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Co-Founder and Executive Chairman

AJ Solomon

The visionary behind Advantage Behavioral Health’s different corporate entities and service lines, AJ has consistently leveraged his ability to identify opportunity to help chart the course for the company’s growth.

After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, AJ worked on the Advance Team and Office of Constituent Relations for the Office of the Governor of New Jersey. Following his time in the Governor’s Office, AJ took an interest in behavioral health, ultimately meeting Brent Reese who would go on to be his partner and co-founder of Victory Bay.

In his role as President, AJ quickly identified different opportunities in the Behavioral Healthcare industry and forged strategic partnerships which allowed Victory Bay to grow. Along the way, AJ became aware of the demand for mental health services, which led to the creation of Harmony Bay Wellness.

AJ’s intuition and industry knowledge continues to be the catalyst for new services lines, partnerships, and growth strategy as Advantage continues to evolve into a full-service behavioral healthcare network.