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Chief Executive Officer

Colin Studwell

As Chief Executive Officer of Advantage and its subsidiaries, Colin is squarely responsible for the planning and execution of all major business initiatives throughout the Network.  Colin joined the Advantage team prior to the launch of Harmony Bay and was tasked with putting systems in place which would facilitate the company’s anticipated growth.  To meet this challenge, Colin restructured the Network’s existing departments to facilitate the creation of an in-house Management Services Organization designed to provide a broad range of critical support services to Victory Bay and Harmony Bay as they grew.  The ultimate outcome of this organizational overhaul was a finely tuned growth engine which allowed both Harmony Bay and Victory Bay to scale rapidly and into new geographies with no erosion of organizational efficiency.  Throughout his tenure at Advantage, Colin has served in a number of different roles across several distinct areas of the company, providing him with a unique perspective on the many functions of the organization.  Colin now oversees all day-to-day Network operations, providing expert project management and leadership to the Advantage’s Executive Team.