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AJ Solomon

The visionary behind Advantage Behavioral Health’s different corporate entities and service lines, AJ has consistently leveraged his ability to identify opportunity to help chart the course for the company’s growth. After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, AJ worked on the Advance Team and Office of Constituent Relations for the Office of the Governor of…

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Brent Reese

Before venturing into Healthcare, Brent enjoyed a successful career developing and ultimately selling multiple companies in the Manufacturing and Sales sector. Using his acquired business acumen, Brent partnered with AJ Solomon in 2016 to launch Victory Bay Recovery Center. Brent’s experience in successfully scaling organizations allowed Victory Bay to grow at an impressive rate without…

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Colin Studwell

As Chief Executive Officer of Advantage and its subsidiaries, Colin is squarely responsible for the planning and execution of all major business initiatives throughout the Network.  Colin joined the Advantage team prior to the launch of Harmony Bay and was tasked with putting systems in place which would facilitate the company’s anticipated growth.  To meet…

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